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GIS Mapping

Detailed maps can be produced for any project. Specifically, CJ Biomonitoring has creating nesting bird maps for several projects with bird buffers. ​

General Construction

Monitoring of heavy equipment on small and large-scale projects to comply with permit conditions.


Ensure compliance with any permit condition including nesting birds, storm water runoff, and species specific surveys/monitoring.

Nesting Bird

Including Least bell’s vireo and California gnatcatcher - special status species nesting bird surveys and nest monitoring.

Camera Trap Studies

Focused and large-scale projects have been successfully carried out in both natural and urban habitats. Biologists are skilled at hiding the equipment to ensure unnecessary expenditures aren’t made.

Biological Habitat

Experience in biological assessments and inventories in sensitive habitat throughout the Santa Monica Mountains region. 

Cowbird Trapping Projects

Small and large-scale trapping projects are offered throughout Southern California. The team can design a budget for any project as well as build the cowbird traps needed for the project.



CJ Biomonitoring is a small, women-owned consulting firm that utilizes a network of highly qualified biologists to help perform various work in Southern California. While the breadth of projects that CJ Biomonitoring has performed may be small,  the projects that the biologists have successfully completed are exhaustive. We employ consultants in Carpenteria, Simi Valley, and Orange County that are prepared to provide excellent environmental consulting services. The biologists that make CJ Biomonitoring a successful firm have a history of being leaders in their field performing biological surveys and consulting on complex projects.





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Courtney McCammon
Owner/Wildlife Biologist

Courtney McCammon is the sole owner and principal biologist for CJ Biomonitoring. She has over ten years of experience performing a host of biological surveys in varied habitats. She has managed and conducted several biological and ecological projects in the course of her graduate studies and various professional positions.  These projects have utilized her skills in field data collection and analysis, time and schedule management, literature review, correspondence and coordination, and working in a team to successfully complete project goals. Ms. McCammon is the co-manager of a citizen-science driven hawk monitoring project located in Los Angeles, CA. She has worked closely with Dan S. Cooper to begin the program in 2017 with over one hundred volunteers and hawk nests, respectively. The survey continues to have successful results tracking hawk populations in the Los Angeles area and contributing to the greater understanding of their importance in the urban landscape.

Great horned owl(2).JPG
Ron Francis

Mr. Francis has a Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Biology from California State University at Northridge.  He has more than 17 years consulting experience in southern California and has conducted numerous species-specific surveys for least Bell’s vireo and California gnatcatcher. He has also monitored residential and utility projects during construction to ensure protection of natural resources and compliance with regulations and project conditions. He holds a 10(a)(1)(A) Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit, TE-085880-4 for the coastal California gnatcatcher throughout the range of the species. Also, CDFG Scientific Collectors Permit, SC-8357, with an MOU, which authorizes activities listed on 10(a)(1)(A) Federal Fish and Wildlife Permit.

Background-CA wildflower(7).JPG
Brian Karpman

Brian Karpman has over twenty years of experience focusing on biological surveys including wildlife surveys, construction monitoring, cowbird trapping, and vegetation mapping. Mr. Karpman has conducted numerous surveys for threatened/endangered wildlife and sensitive bird species including the California gnatcatcher (Polioptila californica californica) and the least Bell’s vireo (Vireo bellii pusillus).  He has also assisted in the preparation and implementation of mitigation plans, habitat re-vegetation and restoration plans. He has a thorough knowledge of the flora and fauna of southern California acquired from coursework, numerous workshops and seminars, and through biological and botanical surveys conducted in Orange, Riverside, San Diego, Ventura, Kern, San Bernardino and Los Angeles Counties.   



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